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Xi'an Shiyou University

Xi'an Shiyou University consists of eleven colleges and six departments,a complete disciplinary system of distinct character with prominent advantages has been formed by the university.

International Student Guidelines

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Welcome to the world of Engineering in China where we can assure the best possible education facilities in the top universities from getting admission to hostel arrangement and air ticketing services. Our primary focus is to facilitate the students and to help them to reach their desired educational objective in the express time frame permissible and at the best lowest cost.

We have firm believe that by keeping the need of students in our mind, both the student and the institution will be benefitted to the best possible level. For many years we have been working hard to ensure that new generation gets maximum opportunities to fulfill their needs of education. We all are aware of this fact that higher education from china is very much appreciated because their Universities are highly ranked in no time so fill in the online form available and make your seat confirm for the session of September 2015.

Chang'an University


Chang’an University is one of the State "211 Project" key development universities. It was merged by the former Xi'an Highway University, Xi'an Engineering Institute and Northwest Institute of Construction Engineering on April 18th, 2000. Chang’an University has disciplines in engineering, science, as well as economics, management and liberal arts with engineering as its main focus. Highway transportation, land resources and environment and construction engineering are its main features.

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Xidian University


The Xidian University is one of the key and leading institutes of China and is managed by the Ministry of Education. It primary focuses are the fields of Information technology and Electronics engineering. The university also offers admission in diverse fields such as management, arts, social sciences and engineering etc. It is also approved by the state to be supported by Project 211.

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North Western Polytechnic University (NWPU)

North Western Polytechnic University

The field of information technology has changed the world with a massive impact. Many institutions are introducing additions to their educations programs and courses to meet the needs of the computerized tomorrow. The North Western Polytechnic University is considered as one of the top Engineering universities in the domain. Their educational criterion basically focuses over the research work in the fields of business and technology.

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China University of Petroleum (CUP)


China University of Petroleum (CUP) is one of the famous Chinese universities in the field of petroleum engineering. The university is located in Changping district and also got popularity because of presence of Great Wall and Ming Tombs in its neighbors. CUP is offering foreign students with outstanding facilities to accommodate them in matchless bed rooms, modernized classrooms with computer and lab facility and libraries contain millions of books collection.

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Xi'an Shiyou University

Xi'an Shiyou University

Xi'an Shiyou University consists of eleven colleges and six departments. The university possesses great strength in research. During the “Ninth Five-year Plan” and “Tenth Five-year Plan”, the university has undertaken 9 projects of the State “863” Program, 10 projects of the State Nature and Science Fund, and 8 projects of the National Key Technologies R&D Program, and participated in 1 project of the State “973” Program. Its annual average research outlay stands in the first class among universities in Shaanxi Province, ranking among the “S & T Top Ten” in Xi'an.

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